House Rules

We would like to welcome you and hope that you have a lovely holiday in our Villa. We hope you will look after it during your stay as if it was you own home.

During your stay you are expected to:

Check in after 4 pm on your arriving day. Do not exceed the number of people registered. Be considerate to your neighbors, avoiding loudness and noise particularly between 10 pm and 8 am. These are villas mostly for families, and not for having parties. Surroundings is quiet and peaceful and we would like to stay that way.

You are personally responsible for anything you damage. Contact us as soon as possible to declare it. You are also responsible for your personal belongings.
We recommend to purchase traveler insurance in your country.
In case of personal injury you should always contact your own insurance company. House owner or the agency cannot be held responsible but are available if you need help.

Use the swimming pool on your own responsibility. Keep the children under constant supervision. Take a shower before the use of swimming pool. Do not go wet in to the house or use indoor furniture. Pets are not aloud to enter the swimming pool. There is a pool cleaning schedule, usually once a week.

Children should be under constant supervision of adults especially during risky activities like using the swimming pool.

Pets are allowed to be in the house only if previously approved. They are not allowed to use any furniture, use the swimming pool or go wet indoor. Pet must not go out of the villa property freely and not disturb any neighbors or other animals around. On you leaving please thoroughly clean after them, especially if the dog easy lose its hair.

Do not damage any plants or grass. There is a gardener who takes care of them at usually once a week. Do not disturb any animals, especially swallows (birds) which have their nests attached to the house. Do not touch them or their eggs.

Vehicles must be held on villa parking place or garage, not on the grass surface.

Use it only with the door and windows closed. Turn it off when you leave the house. Also turn off the gas, water and electrical equipment.

Keep the fire under constant control, everything around is very dry during the summer and easy flammable. Use a small amount of water to safely turn off the fire in the outdoor barbecue.

Make sure you understand how to use any electrical equipment that you are not familiar with and don’t change any existing settings.

Please be aware of the wind, and close the sun umbrellas if it gets stronger. Do not use indoor furniture outside.

Only one person at the time is allowed to use trampoline. Maximum person weight is 80kg. Take off the shoes, use only bare foots. Remove all sharp objects from trampoline and jumper. Do not somersaults. Do not smoking near the trampoline. Do not use during pregnancy or when suffering from high blood pressure.

Please keep the facilities clean especially the kitchen and toilets. Linen and towels are changed every 7 days. Put all the garbage in designated container and keep the ground clear of litter. On your leaving, please clean the oven and all the dishes regularly, since the extended house cleaning is not included in the regular cleaning fee. If you had your pet with you please thoroughly clean after them, especially if the dog easy lose its hair.

Leave the property in the same condition that you would like to find it for yourself. Leave the space tidy for the next guests. Only use the furniture for its intended purpose and replace in its original position at the end of your stay. On the departure date please vacate the Villa until 10 am.

For any assistance during your stay, please contact +385 91 765 5673